Daniel Lewin, CEO Audio Pixels, Ltd.
"Breaking the Digital Sound Barrier" Video Interview
Merriman Capital Investor Summit 2012

Article Source: stocknewsnow.com

Audio Pixels Ltd. (ADPXY: OTCQX) (AKP.ASX: Aus Stock Exchange) has developed a technological platform for reproducing sound with patented technologies that employ entirely new techniques to generate sound waves directly from a digital audio stream using low cost micro-electromechanical structures rather than conventional loudspeaker elements. SNNLive spoke with Daniel Lewin, Founder & CEO of Audio Pixels, Ltd. at the Merriman Capital Investment Summit 2012 in New York City. As Mr. Lewin states, the company is, “taking traditional analog system and turning it into a digital technology in the form of a semi-conductor chip.”

Audio Pixels’ patented technology, “is the first and only known company that has successfully implemented the promos of Digital Sound Reconstruction (DSR) is a commercially feasible manner enabling a market evolution in a similar fashion to what has occurred in the transition from large, heavy, bulky analog CRT monitors, to the digital flat panel displays of today”, according to their website. For more information about Audio Pixels, Ltd. check out their website. SNNLive welcomes Daniel Lewin, CEO of Audio Pixels, Ltd.


Demonstration of GEN I speaker from AGM presentation by CTO

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