AKP AGM 2023 Gen-I Demo

  • The accuracy, frequency range, and quality of sound reproduction, included in this recording, are generally unreproducible by most loudspeakers and many headphones available today. To fully appreciate the advantages of the AudioPixels chip, it is highly recommended to use quality headphones when listening to this recording.
  • Streaming services utilize compression algorithms that lower the quality of the audio track included in streamed videos. AKP therefore can not make any claim or suggestion as it may relate to the absolute quality of the audio included in this video. Rather we offer the audio in a manner that permits a comparative assessment of the quality.
  • Some materials in this video are protected by copyright laws. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, or modify, or sell or offer for sale or other exploitation any such content.

Demonstration of GEN I speaker from AGM presentation by CTO

Investor Video Presentation



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